Behind The Walls, A Hidden Surprise

A group of students from Georgia's Armstrong Atlantic University thinks a higher power was at work during their spring break. The students were in Louisiana repairing a house damaged by Hurricane Katrina when they stumbled onto piles of cash, hidden away behind the walls and air conditioning vents.

Trista Wright and Haley Barton joined The Early Show to describe their experience and said the cash added up to about $30,000. "We were cleaning up the sheetrock we had just torn down, and I was in a closet where an air conditioner vent had been," Wright told co-anchor Julie Chen. "I started raking out the excess stuff in there, and I just started raking out money — a lot of money."

Word spread fast and a thrilled crowd gathered to check out the discovery. "I kind of heard that something was happening and we all kind of gathered together to see what was going on. It was pretty surreal to see and experience," said Barton.

The group notified the homeowner, who called it a miracle, and the excited students agreed. "It truly was," said Wright. "The Lord really provided for the family that day and I am really, really blessed to have witnessed it and to have worked through me like he did, and worked through all of us."

The students had no interest in a cash reward, feeling that the discovery was a reward in itself. "We weren't there for the money," said Barton. "It was really amazing that God would use us as a vessel to bless these people that way."