Behind-The-Scenes Moments; CSP Saves Humanity?

How does a typical day unfold for your humble correspondent? Well, needless to say, it varies depending on what's making news, my availability, our internal resources, etc. A couple weeks back I used my Flip camera (see video below) to capture a rather hectic travel and filming day as I went from New York to Baltimore, then drove to Frederick, Maryland, back to Baltimore and then into Phoenix. (In the same day!) The story we shot in Frederick was going to air this week, but now it's slated for next Thursday, April 24, as part of a mini-series on the environment. That's the one about the CRAGs or Carbon Reduction Action Groups. You'll see a little of what it takes to get the story, and how some long days turn into REALLY long days. The trip to Phoenix was to cover the Space Access conference, which is an annual gathering of the commercial space industry. In other words getting you and me into space -- safely -- without the involvement of NASA. Of course, it's prohibitively expense right now, but that'll change.

In other news, interesting article here at about the other solar power -- solar thermal electric, or basically using heated water to power engines and generators. The headline alone is enough to get your attention: "The technology that will save humanity." A good read.

Oh, and, um, who is really behind "Raining McCain"? The answer is here.