Be the CEO of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Hilarious article in Wednesday's New York Times about how to use your CEO skills to organize Thanksgiving dinner. Author Kim Severson seeks advice from management professors and consultants on how to achieve maximum performance in such a chaotic environment.

Advises Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson:

"It starts with asking yourself, as the Thanksgiving chief architect, what is your vision for this day and this meal."
Here's some of top line advice:
  • Don't micromanage every dish.
  • Keep the big picture (family harmony) in mind.
  • Set expectations for key stakeholders. Will football watching be allowed or not?
  • Choose a command style: Command-and-control or ground-up decision making.
  • Consider outsourcing. Do you really need to bake that pecan pie?
This piece is a great antidote to the stresses we all feel these days, and for the tensions we most likely will encounter on Thanksgiving day. The best advice:
"Just keep in mind what all successful executives know: Thank people publicly and often, and never, ever point a finger."