Bartender Brandon Banished

Survivor: The Team In Africa -- Brandon Quinton
Brandon Quinton, a member of the short-lived twenty-something Samburu alliance, was the latest contestant to be voted off Survivor: Africa. He discussed the game with Anchor Bryant Gumbel of The Early Show.

The first thing Gumbel wanted to know was "what was with that 'Sugar Bear' comment from Tom?"

"Tom had nicknames for everyone and mine just happened to be Sugar Bear," Quinton said. "I don't know why."

Gumbel noted that Tom was the man leading the charge against Quinton. "You think on his part it was kind of a moral crusade?"

"I don't think Tom necessarily has any morals. I think that he just didn't like me. He's from rural Virginia or Kentucky or redneck land. Wherever he's from, he had never been around anybody like me and he just didn't like me at all," Quinton replied.

"You think he had a problem with you being openly gay?" Gumbel asked.

Quinton was swift in his answer. "Oh yeah. Definitely."

Gumbel wanted to know what he thought of Tom: "He tries to come off as this big happy-go-lucky guy who loves everybody. Is that an accurate portrayal in your mind?"

"He's happy-go-lucky," agreed Quinton. But he added, "He doesn't love everybody at all, you know. He is kind of a racist and homophobic and all those things. But, I mean, he's a good-hearted guy. He just grew up in a small town and that's how a lot of good old boys in small towns act."

In one of the more interesting twists of the game, Brandon was teamed up with former Samburu feud-mate Frank and won the reward challenge of dinner and a movie.

"How weird was it last night for you to get paired up with Frank?" asked Gumbel.

Quinton was candid in his assessment - there was no love lost between the two.

"Oh God. It couldn't have been worse. That kind of killed that whole experience of the movie." He went on: "I don't like him. He's a card-carrying NRA member. He's everything I'm not. But I'm sure everybody's got to have at least one good quality. I can't see his. I haven't found it, and I'm not really looking that hard. I'll pretend that he's got one."

Gumbel asked why he wanted to be a contestant. "I saw where you said you went on this thing originally to make a point. What was it?"

"I watch TV and see twenty-something gay people and they're really promiscuous and they're really strung out, and that's not who I am," he said. "I just wanted to show people that there's a whole other side to it."

Quinton went on, "And unwittingly I think I became a stereotype myself. I think the way the producers edited things that maybe I became like every mainstream gay person's nightmare of being on TV. But, I couldn't help that. I'm just who I am. That's all I can be."

Gumbel asked if he had been fairly portrayed.

"Absolutely," Quinton said. "They caught it on film. I can't say I didn't do those things and say those things. Because I did. "

"Where do you want go from here?" asked Gumbel.
"Nowhere. I had a great life before. People look at me and they always think that they need to take care of me and they don't have a lot of respect. I don't think anybody will ever look at me like that again. Twenty-seven days out there - that ain't bad."

He added that he didn't have an agent, and didn't want one.

Commenting on the jury work, Quinton said, "The jury was the best time I've had in my whole life. Kelly and I had so much fun; we used our great intellect for gossip and troublemaking. We had a good time. I think Mark Burnett actually yelled at us."

And finally, Gumbel noted, "You said you had never been camping before." He asked, "Are you a fan of it now?"

Quinton was blunt. "No. I will never be camping again."

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