Barnes & Noble Nook gets new look, lower price

Sarah Tew
New look for new Nook
CNET/Sarah Tew

(CBS/CNET/AP) - It's something just about all of us would like to have said of us: lighter, slimmer - and not as heavy on the budget as before.

That's also how you can describe the latest version of Barnes & Noble's e-reader.

The new Nook is out and it's clear from its design and price point that the book seller is trying to compete with Amazon on the electronic book readers.

The new Nook has a simple black and white touch screen. Because it doesn't need to display flashy colors, it has a battery that can last two months. And with a sale price of $139, it's designed for those who want an e-reader that can simply read books.

Barnes & Noble is aiming its new device at older users - CEO William Lynch says the redesign was prompted by feedback from customers, including one who asked why there were no e-readers suitable for a grandma to use.

CNET reports that the new e-reader is "a major advancement over its predecessor and offers some real advantages over the current Amazon Kindle."

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