Barbour: Romney should focus on Obama's record

(CBS News) Former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour thinks presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney should focus on President Obama's "failed" economic policies.

"Best thing for Republicans was for this election to be a referendum on Obama's record," the former RNC chairman said on "CBS This Morning" Monday. "Obama's record on economics and jobs, and the policies that he's put in place and how those policies have failed."

"That's what we want to focus on. That's what Romney should want to focus on," Barbour said.

Barbour thinks Romney did a good job of drawing a contrast between his stance and Mr. Obama's on the issue of same-sex marriage. "When the president comes out and makes a big deal on an issue, the candidate has to set out his position I though he did very well."

Regarding a potential running mate for Romney, Barbour said "it's way too early."

He called Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal a "super-capable guy," and "smart as a whip." But thought the VP question "should be answered in August."

(Watch the full interview with Barbour in the video player above.)