Bad News Brewin', Draft Beer Legislation!

Terry Butler, brewmaster at Snipes Mountain Microbrewery and Restaurant, pours a beer in Sunnyside, Wash., Thursday, Oct. 18, 2007.
AP Photo/Jackie Johnston
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Along with all the other bad news that's brewing out there today, I see that since the price of wheat has gone up, as has barley, it looks like soon we may be paying more for beer.

Enough to make you hopping mad? I know.

Of course you're already feeling tapped out, what with rising prices for milk products, bread and pasta. Add that to the price of gas, the interest on your credit cards, and the latest uptick in your adjustable rate mortgage, and you can feel things coming to a head.

Makes you feel like inflation has you over a barrel. Just when you're thinking you could really use a beer…the price is going to go up? Perhaps a smart Congressperson could draft some legislation, putting a price cap on beer.

The first presidential candidate who stands stout against beer inflation will get my vote. Beer is good for what ales this country. Please, Washington, don't let this issue lager any longer.

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