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Baby, Family Challenged by Katrina Prevailing

Four-month-old Kade Langsford was struggling to survive in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a New Orleans hospital when Hurricane Katrina descended on the city.

It sparked a chain of events that would lead to his being evacuated to another city without any family members, and to members of his family being separated.

Days later, they were reunited, but the daunting challenge of putting their lives back together - and Kade's battle to live - were only just beginning.

Special Coverage: Hurricane Katrina's Five-YearAnniversary

CBS News Correspondent Tracy Smith told their story to "Early Show" audiences at the time. And now, five years later, she revisited it on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning":


Then, "Early Show" weather anchor and features reporter Dave Price spoke with the Langfords in New Orleans, on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning." Kade still has medical issues, his mother, Michelle, told Price. But, she beamed, she "can't believe we've come this far":