B-School Blogs: Battling Sexism, Prof. Evals, "Legally Blonde," and More

Last Updated Oct 27, 2008 3:06 PM EDT

accountability.JPGInside HBS faced down the ugly monster of accountability and performance evaluation last week in the form of midterm exams. Fortunately, in a grading structure where it only really matters if you're in the top 15 percent of the class (for "Honors" awards); all grades have zero impact on 85 percent of the students.Professor feedback on class participation continues for Sync, who says trying to figure out how to juggle a case method discussion with 90 classmates is a bit of a ballet.

Fellow students call Stephanie Storie of the Ivey MBA Student Blog the Elle Woods of B-School. This chartered accountant says you might think business school and the movies don't have much in common, but we can take away a valuable lesson from the movie "Legally Blonde"... that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Paragon 2 Pieces knows that the good ol' boy mentality is still alive and kicking among some people at today's business schools. Case in point: another student asked whose wife she was during a McCombs Orientation event to which spouses were not invited. The other student--male, international--reacted with surprise when she explained that she too was in the MBA program.

Last week the Berkeley MBA Student Blog showcased an entry from Haas students who actually got to work on a real strategic problem for Facebook. The social networking site is looking for a partner for its "Facebook connect" application, and invited Haas students to submit their ideas for partnerships.

Siddhartha fought off post-exam gloom and the siren call of her mattress last week by preparing to attend the National Association of Women MBAs' conference and career fair in Stamford, Connecticut.

N.A.S. took a break from classes at LBS and soaked up some culture at the annual Frieze Art Fair held at London's Regent's Park. Here, he offers a rant on the sub-genre of "found art," which really chaps his hide.

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