AutoNation halts sales of cars in airbag recalls

DETROIT - The nation's biggest car dealership chain says it won't sell used cars being recalled for exploding airbags due to conflicting advice from automakers and lack of direction from the government.

Government admits threat of exploding airbags greater than first thought

Ten automakers have recalled more than 12 million cars with airbags made by parts supplier Takata. The airbags can inflate with too much force, blowing apart metal canisters and sending shards flying at drivers and passengers.

Some automakers have limited recalls to a few Southern states while others have expanded them.

AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson says the recalls are incoherent. His 277-franchise chain won't sell the cars until they are repaired. About 400 cars are affected in Southern states.

Jackson says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration should coordinate the recall effort.