Ask him anything! Charlie Rose answers your questions

CBS THIS MORNING co-hosts Charlie Rose and Norah O\'Donnell in New York, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Heather Wines/CBS
Heather Wines

Charlie Rose is typically the one asking the questions -- he talks to the world's most interesting people each morning and night, but now, it's your chance to interview him. The CBS This Morning co-host will be take questions live via the social news site Reddit on Tuesday April 2 at 10:15 a.m. ET. 

Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" platform allows you to type questions directly to Charlie and he will answer them in real time.

To participate, just log on to Reddit and create an account.Then, post your questions to Charlie's AMA thread, beginning Tuesday at 9:45 a.m. ET.

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Charlie Rose is a North Carolina native and is currently the co-host of "CBS This Morning" and host of "Charlie Rose," the nightly PBS program that engages the world's best thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, artists, actors, scientists and other newsmakers. He graduated from Duke University with a bachelor's degree in history and a J.D. from the School of Law.