As Seen On TV: Cell Phones With 911 Alarms

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Nov. 27, 2007: Cell Phones With 911 Alarm

The's a new feature on certain cell phones, a loud, piercing tone after connecting to 911. Some say this could put the caller in more danger, especially if there are burglars in the house or the person is a victim of domestic abuse.

Cindy Southworth, the technical director for the National Network To End Domestic Violence, explained on The Early Show that there are pros and cons to the new system: "I think there are some victims of domestic violence who would definitely not want their abuser to know they were calling 911 while other victims actually use that as leverage to get the abuser to stop, saying 'I'm calling 911 now' as a way to get their hands away from their throat."

The audible tone, she said, was intended for people with hearing disabilities and cannot be disabled. It's found on some new Verizon cell phones; do not call 911, however, to test to see if you have this feature.

If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence, contact the
National Network to End Domestic Violence ( or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Nov. 19, 2007: Heroes At Home

Television personality and Sears' Master Wish Maker Ty Pennington will be giving back through the "Heroes at Home" program, which is granting wishes into the holiday season and new year, repairing the homes of more than 100 military families across the country. And in the coming weeks we'll see exactly how this project is helping some of these heroes in uniform (with a three-part series).

For details, see or call 1-800-REHAB-9.