Arkansas moms join full-contact football team

Football and Female symbol
Football and Female symbol

(CBS) Usually, moms are seen on the sidelines at football fields. They're cheering for their kids, watching tackles and touchdowns. But in Arkansas, there's a very different sight: some moms actually taking the field for their own games.

That's because these moms are members of Arkansas Lady Rampage, Northwest Arkansas' first women's football team.

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The team's 25 players range in age from 18 to early forties. Not all of the women on the team are mothers, but those that are say football is their escape.

Mom Michele Miller told 5News she joined the team because of the competition and exercise.

"I love football," she said. "So it's so much fun for me to do. I love every part of it."

The non-profit team is part of the Women's Spring Football League, a full-contact football association that began last year. The Rampage team is in the Heartland Division, which consists of seven teams from as far away as Minnesota.

See one of the players body-slam a reporter in the full report here.

The team's defensive coordinator is former NFL player and University of Arkansas player Jermaine Petty.

Petty said, "The best part about being out here is football, football is football, whether it's females or males."

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