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Are You Just a Bit Too Chilled?

In a cruisy little business it can be easy to become complacent. Do a couple of meetings over a latte, bunk off early when the sun's out.

Alas, to grow our businesses and our minds we need to stretch from time to time.

Here are three good reasons to give yourself a nudge:

  1. You're forced to find new ways of doing things. Once you adopt a stretch strategy, it's simply not possible to accept mediocrity. Those things you've put up with for ages scream at you. Challenge: What are you doing in your business that you've being doing the same way for far too long?
  2. You move to a different level. When you push yourself to stretch, you inevitably meet new people; you experience new things; you open your mind to new ideas. Challenge: Accept that you're in danger of getting passed up ... somehow, in some area of your business. What area is that? What might you do about it?
  3. You start a ripple. When you stretch, those around you notice the change --- your clients, your friends, your network. Some will stretch with you, others will run for cover. Challenge: Look around. Who will come with you? Who will hide? Where does your future belong?
Come on, speed it up a bit.