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Are You Insane?

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

It's a big week for Iraq and the Bush administration. As the president heads off to Jordan to meet with the Iraqi prime minister, the Iraq Study Group will be meeting in Washington to wrestle with the recommendations it wants to give the president.

Leaked over the weekend, one idea is that to have the United States reach out to Iran and Syria, an idea that is anathema to the president. Iran is part of the axis of evil, remember, and every time it has been suggested that the United States hold one-on-one talks with Tehran to hash out Iran's nuclear ambitions, the idea has been flatly rejected. Were the administration to sign on to such an idea, a healthy portion of humble pie would have to be swallowed first.

I know it's hard to imagine, but just picture the first Bush-Ahmadinejad summit meeting. Afterwards, the president says how he looked him in the eye and made the measure of the man, etc., etc.

Sounds crazy, but maybe it will be the crazy idea that gets the United States out of Iraq with some of its dignity intact.

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By Harry Smith

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