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Are You a Closer? I Mean, Really?

There are few things more valued in a sales professional than being a "closer." If you know how to close, then you end up making as many sales as possible; if you lack that skill, you're probably floundering.

So, then, how do you know if you're a closer? Looking at the number of sales you make -- even compared to your peers -- doesn't tell you much, because you can still make big sales (but not fulfill your potential) if you're strong in other areas.

A better way is to ask yourself these five questions:

  • #1: How would I rate myself as a closer? In fact, you probably know, in your gut, whether you're good a closing business. A little self-honesty goes a long way when it comes to self-assessment.
  • #2: Am I cultivating the right attitude to close business on a daily basis? Closing business is about laying the groundwork from the get-go. If you're not getting ready to close, you're not a closer.
  • #3: Am I dependent upon high pressure sales techniques? If you're using trick closes and high pressure to try to get business, you're not a closer, you're a peddler. Different thing entirely.
  • # 4: Have I ever delayed closing because I wanted to enjoy the fantasy of getting the business? This is probably the most common debilitating behavior in sales. If you're doing it, stop. Right now.
  • #5: What would it be worth to me if I could easily and simply close more business? If you can still visualize making more money and creating more success, you're probably not at your peak. Not yet.
The above is based on a conversation I had a few years ago with the amazing and perceptive sales guru Linda Richardson, founder of the eponymous sales training firm.

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