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Are Graduates Work-Ready? | BTalk


Dr Roger Alexander
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New research shows how ready graduates are for the world of work --- or not, as the case may be.

The report, "Graduate Attitude To Employment", shows that many looking for jobs feel unprepared for the world of work. Dr Roger Alexander, Executive Dean of the International College of Management Sydney, says this is also reflected in circumstantial evidence from employers.

Does this mean recruiting a recent graduate is a bad idea? Won't they quickly move on once they've picked up experience at your company and use it elsewhere? Should you wait till young people have got a bit more experience under their belt?

Roger suggests that most graduates are committed to their first job and if you provide the right opportunities for development, they'll stick around. In this edition of BTalk, I reminisce about the olden days, when big companies used to have graduate programs, with new employees spending a year or two working in different parts of a company to pick up well-rounded experience. Does that sort of thing still happen today? Not so much, which means it's up to the college or the graduate to pick up as much relevant work experience as they can before they graduate.

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