Apple's Mac OS X Lion sells over 1 million copies


(CBS/CNET) - Results couldn't be better for Apple's new operating system Mac OS X Lion. The company reported over 1 million copies have been sold since its release on July 20. A statement issued by Apple said that "users are buying Lion faster than any other OS release in Apple's history."

The software upgrade comes with over 250 new features, including new multi-touch gestures, re-designed mail, Mission Control and Launchpad. The user interface has been changed to reflect Apple's popular mobile operating system iOS.

Mac OS X Lion, reviews from around the web

Lion is the eighth release of the popular operating system. In a step away from convention, the upgrade is only available through the Mac App Store. The desktop marketplace, which was bundled in Apple's previous software upgrade, OS X Snow Leopard, launched on January 6.

According to CNET, the operating system has amassed 9,376 user ratings on the Mac App Store, along with 2,091 written reviews. All told, that averages out to a 4.5-star rating (out of 5 stars).