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AOL's Platform-A Answers 'Spray And Pray' Ad Sales With Spot Market System

This story was written by David Kaplan.

AOL's (NYSE: TWX) Platform-A is unveiling Spot Marketplace, a service that aims to give advertisers a bit more selectivity when it comes to online placements, the company tells us. The new service is intended as a complement to its recently launched PubAccess inventory management tool for publishers in the network. Platform-A also hopes the new spot-buying service will help to separate the company from the "spray and pray" placement description that remnant ads sales are often derided by, since most advertisers have little choice over where their ads wind up in these systems. While this doesn't offer the kind of specificity ad buys get on vertical ad networks, Spot Marketplace looks like it could narrow the field a bit for online marketers. Advertisers can use the new spot marketplace to choose inventory on a performance basis - either cost-per-click or cost-per-action - across such AOL-branded sites like Moviefone, as well as the publisher sites in the network. 

By David Kaplan

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