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Anthropologie stuff gets mocked on Anthroparodie blog

Anthropologie stuff gets mocked on Anthroparodie blog

(CBS) - We love the boho chic fashions Anthropologie is known for. Those fancy scarves are to die for. We can't get enough of the hippie-like skirts. And don't even get us started on the frilly dresses. The price tags, on the other hand, we don't love so much.

So we're not surprised why the clothing and home-decor store is being mocked.

Anthroparodie, a site started by a blogger in Boulder, Colo., pokes fun at the products at the earthy-yet-pricey store.

For instance, this Flori Dress (pictured) was dubbed the "Jenga-Inspired Wooden Sofa" on Anthroparodie. The funny blog's caption reads, "rustic and woody, yet modern in its bold interpretation of gravity, this plush, comfy sofa is perfect for when you just need to unwind." The post then gives the wood mess under the dress the store is trying to sell a $4,098 price tag, while the dress - in reality - costs $228. The dress' original caption: "Whisper-thin buds and branches twine from cascading sleeves to flowy skirt on Girls from Savoy's chiffon frock." Hmmm, sounds kind of funny all on its own - like something off the Jay Peterman catalog from "Seinfeld."

On other posts, Anthroparodie mocks a "fog-producing gypsy headscarf" (because in the photo, the model is consumed by mist), a "tilted blushing-ruby candelabra" (for a poorly set photograph of a chandelier) and a "polychromatic striped moss" (for a still-life dress resting on a rock). We can't make this stuff up.

Anthropologie is not the first store to be mocked on a blog. WTForever21 has been making fun of super-cheap clothing store Forever 21 since April 2010. Forever 21 threatened to sue creator Rachel Kane repeatedly for diluting its brand and trademarks, but dropped the fight after Kane and her lawyers essentially told them to "bring it on."

"If we don't have the right to mock funny-looking clothing and badly written advertising copy, really, what kind of a society are we living in?" Jezebel points out. We completely agree.

Anthroparodie is still in its early stages with its first post timestamped October 4, 2011. We hope the blogger keeps it up. We'll certainly check back. Anthropologie, remember, this is all in good fun.

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