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Another Way to Plan for Y2K

A web site called has some lively discussions going on about how best to plan for a baby to be born on January first. BabyCenter's Lara Hoyem says the site is even selling a fifty dollar Millennium Conception KitÂ…

"And it contains a book about fertility, a pregnancy planning kit which is a pregnancy test and ovulation detector. And then also some romantic enhancements to set the mood for conceiving. Candles and massage oil.

. Hoyem says for the best chance, conception should occur between March 27 and April 10. But there is no sure thing. Never the less, in Odessa, Washington, Camille Eldridge thought it would be a good idea to tryÂ….and suggested it to her husbandÂ….

"So he said that'd be great to try to do it. "

There are some couples who aren't taking any chances, fearing the Y2K computer bug. Some will make sure they don't conceive in late March or early April. But Mrs. Eldridge, who has three children already including a ten month old, isn't too concerned about that. And to increase the chances, she's making preparations involving her husbandÂ…

"Well I was planning on cutting him off like the second week of MarchÂ…which I guess we're into almost."
And so, you see, while some say Y2K, others say Y not.

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