Another Ohio Highway Shooting

Members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol shut down the entrance ramp to Interstate 270, Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003, in Columbus, Ohio. Authorities closed nearly half of the beltway around the city for two hours after dusk Saturday as federal agents investigating 14 shootings there used lasers to take ballistic measurements.
Ballistics tests have linked a bullet that pierced a van at a used car lot with five others recovered from shootings around a nearby stretch of interstate.

The shooting at the Paydays lot on U.S. Highway 23 increases to 15 the number of cases under investigation.

The bullet hole in the van was noticed by a passer-by on Nov. 15, 10 days before a woman was killed while driving on nearby Interstate 270, where most of the shootings happened. It is the sixth recovered bullet that police have matched through ballistic tests, Franklin County sheriff's Chief Deputy Steve Martin said.

Although the rest of the shootings could not be linked through bullet testing, police believe they all are related.

On Monday, workers put up cameras on I-270 in an attempt to find who is behind the shootings.

The site of the latest linked shooting is in a commercial strip on a four-lane highway just over a mile north of I-270, near fast food restaurants and auto-parts stores.

When police initially investigated the van shooting, they gave the lot owner the bullet, which had been found on the ground, a police report said. After the shootings started happening, the owner returned the bullet to investigators, Martin said.

Car lot manager Darrell Bentley declined comment Tuesday.

At least two shootings along I-270 have happened since Nov. 25, when Gail Knisley, 62, was killed as she was being driven to a doctor's appointment, authorities said. She was the only person hit in the shootings.