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Another Feather In The Cap Of Ledger

Heath Ledger, hot, in demand, and churning out films, takes a moment out of his schedule to sit down on The Early Show to discuss the latest feather in his cap, an epic story of love and friendship, "The Four Feathers."

Ledger plays Harry Feversham, a British soldier turned deserter who among others shames his on-screen intended, Kate Hudson, by his military desertion. He is sent four feathers as a sign of his cowardice, which later leads him to tap the hero within and rescue his regiment when they are captured in North Africa.

"The Four Feathers" is based on a book written by A.E.W. Mason in 1902 and has been made and remade into feature films four times.

"The script was absolutely brilliant," says Ledger, "and taking part in this film was quite a journey for me. Although it was hard - emotionally and physically, spiritually and mentally - it was also a lot of fun." The film's production brought the cast on location from the manors of the English countryside to the deserts of Morocco.

The Australian born actor does not like to talk about his personal life but has been linked romantically with Hollywood leading ladies including Heather Graham and Naomi Watts.

Ledger first came to the attention of American audiences as the young star of the Fox adventure series "Roar" in 1997, filmed on location in Australia. The teen comedy "10 Things I Hate About You" gave him the additional exposure he needed to get Hollywood's attention. He played Mel Gibson's son in "The Patriot," Billy Bob Thornton's suicidal son in "Monster's Ball," and then landed the lead in "A Knight's Tale," thus firmly placing himself on Hollywood's map.

Ledger recently completed two films back-to-back, "The Sin Eaters" and "Our Sunshine" where he took on the role of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, who is considered the Jesse James of Australia. He followed up his whirlwind production schedule by rewarding himself with a two-week reprieve in Bali where he spent most of his time on the beach and surfing.

Facts About Heath Ledger

  • 1979: Born Heathcliff Andrew Ledger in Perth, Australia on April 4th
  • 1996: Appeared in the Australian TV series "Sweat" as Snowey Bowles, a gay bicyclist hoping to land a spot on an Olympic team
  • 1997: Feature acting debut, "Blackrock"; Starred as a Celtic warrior prince in the Fox summer series "Roar"
  • 1998: Had a starring role opposite Bryan Brown in the gangster comedy "Two Hands"
  • 1999: Played leading role of Patrick Verona opposite Julia Stiles' Kate in "10 Things I Hate About You", an updated take on "The Taming of the Shrew" in a high school setting; Was cast as the Devil in "End of Days" opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger but wound up replaced when another director assumed the reins
  • 2000: Played Mel Gibson's son in the Revolutionary War drama "The Patriot"
  • 2001: Cast in the lead in "A Knight's Tale", directed by Brian Helgeland; Played Billy Bob Thornton's son in "Monster's Ball"
  • 2002: Starred in the remake of "Four Feathers"