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Angels of Death

Henry Lee Lucas, one of the most infamous serial killers of our time, is scheduled for execution on June 30th for a crime he now says - and some authorities believe - he did not commit. With less than a week before he is set to die, Lucas is trying to convince people that he's not one of the world's worst serial killers, just the world's biggest liar. Lucas confessed not only to the "Orange Socks" murder in question, but to hundreds of others. He later recanted all of his admissions of guilt except for the murder of his mother. While Henry Lee Lucas awaits his fate, it is difficult to believe he will gain much sympathy.

Henry Lee Lucas is certainly not the first serial killer to appall people with his unspeakable crimes, to confess then deny, and to attract a media frenzy. Serial killers tend to scare us not only because they commit heinous crimes, but also because these crimes are so chillingly indiscriminate. Far from the raving lunatics we expect these people to be, the typical serial killer is a man with an above average IQ, and an exceptional ability to appear as normal as the next man. Ted Bundy was a dashing, and attractive aspiring lawyer; the Boston Strangler was a quiet maintenance worker. It is no wonder that many serial killers elude capture.

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Written by Michele Brown
Produced by Christian Setterlund

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