Andy Rooney and the Two Piles of Mail

When It Comes to Viewer Comments, Andy Rooney Gets a Mixed Bag

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Written by Andy Rooney

I get a lot of mail that I put into two piles: one pile of bad letters - they don't like me - and one pile of good letters, they don't like me either.

Recently I commented on the 2010 Census form and my office got this from Jennifer Griffith, in Durham, North Carolina: "I don't think he'd thought it all the why through when he commented on the (question) about family members living elsewhere. Being a veteran himself, having served overseas during wartime, I was surprised by his remarks regarding that."

I mentioned recently how I felt about unemployment and I guess I shouldn't have said it because I got a lot of negative mail.

Paul Davis writes: "After last night's piece on the job market, it is obvious that Andy's officially out of touch."

Timothy Rowlands from Seattle, Washington writes: "I am an electrician. I've been out of work for one year. There are no jobs for us anywhere in the U.S. If we're not working, neither are plumbers or bricklayers."

Melanie Hamilton from Lyman, New Hampshire also took exception to my unemployment piece. She writes: "What I think America needs is for fewer people to go to college, and for there to be more opportunities for people who prefer to make things.

Good letter, Melanie, but most people don't go to college to learn how to do something. They go to college to get educated.

I have two favorite letters.

Scott Pomerantz writes: "[Your] observations are as insightful as ever. Even when [your] spots meander, they find their way. [Your] comments should be played over every loudspeaker in the country."

Well, thanks Scott. I'd hate that, but thanks anyway.

And, Jude Cher-Aime from Stranahan High School in Ft. Lauderdale writes: "You always have something interesting to say. Whether it is useful or unnecessary, it always makes the show end on a good note."

Jude, you get an A in letters.

Written by Andy Rooney