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An infographic! If web browsers were wrestlers...

web browser wars
Freestyle Interactive

(CBS) - Remember that "study" that was done last week claiming that Internet Explorer users were stupid? Yes, it was a hoax. And yes, we too, were duped and had to write a retraction. We got so many passionate reactions to the piece that it made us think about the role web browsers play in our lives (and how loyal we are).

It's no secret that technology is marching fiercely toward cloud computing. When selecting a web browser to use, we choose a piece of software that we'll typically use more than anything, besides our operating systems.

We asked Andrew Gaukrodger and his team at Freestyle Interactive, a digital agency and strategic consulting firm, to create a nifty infographic for us to help us visualize our beloved browser choices. Relying on their market research, they ranked each browser by market share, innovation, flexibility and speed - all the important factors. (Click the image to enlarge.)

"Developers are building web apps that work well in Internet Explorer but truly excite in Chrome and Firefox (because they're the web-browsers of the future!). HTML5 is changing the game for browsers - lessening the need for server based data - allowing web designers to build applications that are more nimble and interactive. There's never been more choice for the user as each browser carves-out its own niche," Gaukrodger said.

His thoughts on these six browsers?

Chrome and Firefox: fast and flexible with loyal development communities.

Internet Explorer and Safari: broad appeal but with pre-conditioned user base.

Opera and RockMelt: highly innovative, appealing to technophiles and social-networkers.

Don't think we'd leave the developers out of the loop. We gave them a chance to tell us why we should be using their web browsers.

See what each developer has to say about their web browser

Ultimately, the choice between browsers is not going to be about mechanics. Like the decision to drink Coke or Pepsi, it will be about preference. We hope this will help people make some decisions.

Special thanks to Andrew and the super-creative folks of Freestyle Interactive for designing this infographic.

Agree or disagree with us? Leave your comments below and defend your browser of choice!

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