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Amylin Sales Force Is Least-Effective Among Its Peers, Claims Eastbourne

An analysis of drug sales force effectiveness by Eastbourne Capital shows ImClone coming top and Amylin coming bottom among companies of similar size. Gilead comes in second best.

You can take the analysis with a pinch of salt because Eastbourne is using it to convince shareholders that Amylin management is lousy enough to be replaced with its own slate of directors. (Click to enlarge the image.)

You should also note that the Eastbourne slideshow shows Amylin reps getting back just over $1 in revenue for every dollar spent on sales and admin. It's actually a lot more than that -- Amylin's Q1 2009 numbers show the company earning $2.21 in revenue for every $1 of SG&A invested. But Eastbourne has halved Amylin's revenue in order to account for collaboration payments made to its partner on Byetta, Eli Lilly.

Side note: Compare the Eastbourne analysis with BNET's own quarterly analysis of salesforce effectiveness. We get slightly different results, but note that in both rankings specialist companies like Gilead still do way better than primary care firms such as Sepracor.

BNET's Q1 analysis is coming any day now ...


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