America's Love Affair With Trucks

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Wednesday I talked about cars and gas prices and pickup trucks.

What I was stunned to learn was how few people I encountered knew the answer to this question: Quick, what was the best selling vehicle in America last year?

Most people said Toyota Camry or Honda Civic. Some guessed the Ford Explorer. Were they right? Ehhhhhh, not even close.

The number one selling vehicle in America last year — the Ford F Series Pickup at over 900,000 trucks. Number two: the Chevy Pickup, at over 700,000. Way back at number three is the Camry, selling 431,000 cars. That's not even half of the number of Ford Pickups. Want to know who comes in next? Now you're getting it. The Dodge Pickup, selling almost as many as the Camry.

Look, I love pickups. I have pickup envy. But when you're trying to paint a picture of fuel consumption in this country, you have to look first at what we love most. And America loves its trucks.

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By Harry Smith