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Alloy Media + Marketing Details Top Execs' Cash Bonuses

Alloy Media + Marketing rewarded its executives with cash bonuses after they increased both revenues and net income in 2008.

CEO Matthew Diamond (pictured) received a $400,000 cash bonus on top of his $450,000 base salary.

Alloy's revenues in 2008 rose to $176 million from $159 million in 2007, and it saw a profit of $10 million, up from a loss of $64 million the year before.

Alloy consistently comes at or near the top of BNET's ranking of most efficient publically traded advertising companies, in part due to the fact that it owns much of the media in which it places its clients' advertising.

Here's a table of the bonuses (click to enlarge):

A full picture of executive compensation -- including perks, stock and options -- at Alloy won't be available until the company files its proxy statement with the SEC later this year. Last year, Diamond hit nearly a $1 million in total compensation.

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