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Adventures For The Disabled

While for most people, travel is a pleasure, for those with disabilities, it can be a hassle. After Carroll Driscoll lost her leg to cancer 10 years ago, she discovered the rigors of traveling with a disability.

"Right after my leg was amputated, I never left home," Driscoll told CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

Embarking on a trip to California, she found herself at an airport that did not have a jetway. She had to ease herself down step by step from a sitting position down a flight of stairs.

"I felt like a sack of potatoes," Carroll recalls.

Searching for an answer for herself and for others, she started a travel agency to help open doors for people with disabilities.
Her agency deals with people whose disabilities range from being in a wheelchair, to those who are hearing-impaired or blind.

Recently, Driscoll helped a paraplegic man plan his honeymoon trip. He and his bride stayed at a castle in Ireland.

Driscoll says there are currently about 100 other agencies that have some familiarity with planning trips for the disabled. But there are only about five in the country like hers that cater to the disabled. She advises travelers to be ready for anything.

Driscoll in Siberia.

"Since traveling is kind of a microcosm of life, be prepared that going to have some hassles, but wow! What great experiences!"

Carroll suggests that those planning a trip be forthright about their situation to travel agents and airlines. She also notes several destinations that are set up well for those with disabilities.

For those looking abroad, Carroll recommends Scandinavia, England, France, Italy, and Israel. For those traveling in the United States, she says the best locations she has experienced are San Diego, Washington D.C., Hawaii, and Boston.

Carroll herself has not held herself back from adventurous journeys. She has been to such exotic locales as Siberia, Alaska, Israel, and Hungary. She says Dubai is next on her list.

Why Dubai?

"They asked," Carroll says with a laugh.

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