Adobe Moves Deeper into the Collaboration Fray

Last Updated Oct 5, 2007 6:10 PM EDT

IDG News Service reports that Adobe is including hosted collaboration tools in its latest Web and desktop application development platforms. The company unveiled the new services last Tuesday at its AdobeMAX 2007 conference in Chicago. The new functionality will allow developers to weave tools like voice-over-IP and messaging into rich applications built using Adobe's Flex Web development environment or its upcoming Adobe Integrated Runtime environment, which allows developers to create desktop applications with Web development tools like Flash and AJAX.

By offering collaboration tools like voice-over-IP and instant messaging tailored for Flex and AIR, Adobe makes it easy for developers to build communication tools right into applications, facilitating quick and convenient team communication while team members are working in their core applications.

As IDG explains, it is the fact that these tools are hosted and not packaged in software that differentiates Adobe's approach to collaboration from that of Microsoft or IBM. What this means for the manager out there is that you have more flexibility to implement these collaboration tools rather than having to appeal to the higher-ups to move your team or your whole company to a new software suite.