Across The Media Universe: Information Age Edition

(CBS/The Early Show)
The Information Revolution – Fought To a Draw:

Wired magazine reported on a study suggesting that us Americans aren't a whole lot more up on current events than we were back in 1989.

More than a decade after the Internet went mainstream, the world's richest information source hasn't necessarily made its users any more informed. A new study from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows that Americans, on average, are less able to correctly answer questions about current events than they were in 1989.
While it's surprising to us that Americans can't name Vice President Dick Cheney as readily as people used to know Vice President Dan Quayle, in Americans defense we're more aware of political facts like "Who is the Speaker of the House?" and "Is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court conservative, moderate or liberal?"

And sure, "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" viewers score higher than CNN and Fox News viewers, but they didn't even ask Public Eye readers. We know you'd ace the quiz.

Saturday Afternoon Not-So-Live

First no Michael Savage, then no Maury and Connie, now this. Inside Cable News has heard that MSNBC is planning to drop its 12-4pm live Saturday newscasts for taped programming:

Starting this weekend, MSNBC will drop its 12-4 newscast on Saturdays in favor of taped programming. There was a rumor circulating that was just a test run but that is apparently not the case. I hear it's long term….MSNBC would point out that it is ready to handle any breaking news that should happen and cut in if necessary as they did last Saturday when it reported the discovery of Jessie Davis' body. But the fact remains that MSNBC's competition will have regularly scheduled live newscasts throughout various periods in the afternoon and evening and MSNBC won't.
Attack of the Lists, Cont.

We think we may have seen something earlier this week about the sneak attack of lists in the media now that it's the dog days of summer. Forget where exactly … Yes, we're quite sure. Well, in the interest of protecting and serving our readers, here are a few more in this week's crop:

Hottest Robots in Movie History?

Biggest Cult TV Shows?

Blogs We Like?

Top Ten DVD Commentaries? (Wait. "Road House?" I mean, we like Patrick Swayze and all, but ...)

Top Ten Sporting Holidays?