Achieve a Winning Attitude in 6 Easy Steps

Last Updated Aug 25, 2011 9:21 PM EDT

Step #1: Realize that YOU are in Control

Attitude is not the result of what happens in the world, but how one decides to interpret what happens in the world.

Take the weather, for example. In the United States, many people feel depressed when it's raining and uplifted when it's sunny. In the Middle East, many people feel the exact opposite - a cooling rain is an excuse to have a picnic under a tree.

Similarly, many adults grumble when it snows, while most children are delighted. This illustrates that one's attitude to the weather is essentially arbitrary. It's not the weather that creates the attitude, but the interpretation what the weather means.

Arguing that "children like snow because they don't have to go to school" is missing the point. A snowbound child could just as easily mope around inside and complain about not being able to play croquet because it's snowing.

Similarly, a sales rep making a sales call while it's snowing can grouse about the extra drive time or can look forward to the appreciation that a customer might feel because the sales rep is committed enough to fight the weather to make the meeting.

In short, attitude is the "mental filter" through which one sees the world. Some see the world through a filter of optimism; no matter what happens they always make lemonade from the lemons.

Every truly great sales professional thinks this way. Others see the world through a filter of pessimism; no matter what happens, they always find the cloud in the silver lining. People who think this way are usually terrible at sales.

Most sales reps, however, don't belong to either extreme. Instead, most sales reps (and indeed most people) have a variable filter which creates resourceful attitudes and non-resourceful ones, based upon arbitrary interpretations of events.

Their challenge for such people is to trade their variable and out-of-control mental filter for a consciously optimistic mental filter, in order to consistently create the attitude that results in top sales performance.

The subsequent steps in this post help you do exactly that.

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