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Accessories For Summer Fun

For the past decade, InStyle magazine has reported on the latest trends in fashion, travel, and food. The current issue features the must-haves for summer. Whether you're entertaining or hanging out on the beach, these items are sure to add fun and color.

Eleni Gage, a contributing editor for the magazine, shows the Top 10 "must-haves" on The Saturday Early Show.

  1. Kipling Beach Caddy: Perfect for carting all your picnic or beach needs. With wheels, it's a breeze to haul everything.
    Price: $56
    Availability: (800) 322-8864
  2. BMW Padded Portable Chair: This nylon portable padded chair provides back support and storage pockets. Perfect for movies in the park or for lounging on the beach.
    Price: $42
    Availability: (888) 269-6654 or
  3. Lexon Plastic Radios: Forget boom boxes! These little radios are cute but very functional, great for having on your outdoor table or in your beach house rental. They come in fun colors: red, blue, or chrome.
    Price: $39
    Availability: (888) 445-3966
  4. American Tailgate Co. Steel Grills: Grilling doesn't require big bulky grills. These cute grills are steel, so they're sturdy but handy for your little backyard grill party, and very cute because they come shaped either as a football or a baseball so they're good for the sports enthusiast in your life.
    Price: $50
    Availability: (888) 844-4263
  5. Ralph Lauren Lacquered Trays: Don't just use any old trays to serve your guests. These bright trays are functional, but chic and useful to have around.
    Price: $95
    Availability: They are available at all Ralph Lauren Stores. See also
    Call (888) 475-7674 to order.
  6. Hamilton Beach Blender with Garnishing Board: This is the ideal blender for all those beachside margaritas. It comes with a cute board for holding lime slices and salt. The color is bright lime green, too.
    Price: $30
    Availability: (800) 851-8900
  7. Zodax Wicker and Chrome Cocktail Shaker and Ice Bucket with Tongs. Wicker handbags are a huge trend this season, and we see it reflected in this very cool shaker/bucket -- a nice accessory for your next summer cocktail party.
    Prices: Shaker-$20; Ice bucket with tongs-$16
    Available at Zipper: (323) 951-9190
  8. PB Teen Terrycloth Pillows and Canvas Mat. The canvas mat folds up neatly, with a handle, so you can carry it with ease to the pool or beach. The canvas mat is water-repellent. The terry pillows make great seating cushions for hanging out in your back yard.
    Price: Mat $49; Pillows $39 each
    Availability: PB Teen (866) 472-3001
  9. Magnolia Hammock: This hammock is made for two so you and your loved one can enjoy a warm summer breeze.
    Price: $120
    Availability: (800) 544-4438 or
  10. Ice Cream Scoopers: Scoop-and-press ice cream scoops with soft backs for easy serving. These come in neon colors.
    Price: $7 each
    Availability: Orka (800) 447-2426
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