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10 AARP benefits all seniors should know

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An AARP membership can offer seniors lots of unique — and money-saving — perks, making it easier to travel or pursue other interests during retirement. Getty Images

As we transition into retirement and our senior years, our needs and priorities will typically experience a significant shift — as will the challenges we face, from healthcare concerns to financial planning, social engagement and maintaining independence. That's why, during this phase of life, it's crucial to find the right resources and support systems to help navigate these new circumstances.

Recognizing the unique needs of older adults, numerous organizations have emerged to cater specifically to seniors. These groups offer various services, from advocacy and education to discounts and social opportunities. Among these organizations, though, one name stands out: AARP.

AARP describes itself as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. But while AARP's name recognition is widespread, many seniors — and even some long-time members — may not be fully aware of the extensive range of benefits and services the organization offers. So, if you're a senior who's been wondering what AARP can offer you, it helps to know some key membership benefits.

Find out how an AARP membership could benefit you here.

10 AARP benefits all seniors should know

There are a few different benefits that seniors can access by joining AARP, including:

Insurance options

Having access to affordable insurance options becomes crucial during your senior years. And, that's one area where AARP shines. AARP offers a variety of insurance options tailored to seniors' needs, including supplemental health insurance, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, long-term care insurance and auto insurance. These insurance options are geared toward providing coverage for conditions that become more common with age, helping seniors maintain comprehensive protection without excessive financial burden.

Explore the many perks that come with joining AARP during your senior years.

Healthcare savings

Many seniors live on fixed incomes, making healthcare expenses a significant concern. But members of AARP can access significant discounts on prescription drugs, hearing aids and vision care, including glasses and contact lenses. These savings can be imperative for seniors living on fixed incomes, as healthcare expenses can be a major concern. And, by reducing the cost of essential health-related items, AARP helps seniors maintain their health and well-being without costing too much.

Travel benefits

Retirement often means more time for travel, but doing so can be expensive. To help, AARP provides travel-related discounts on hotels, rental cars and cruises, as well as a roadside assistance program and travel planning resources. These perks are particularly valuable for retirees, who typically have more time to travel but may be conscious of the related expenses. For example, these discounts can make it more affordable for seniors to explore new places and visit loved ones or offer peace of mind for those who enjoy road trips.

Financial services

Financial security is often a top concern for seniors. AARP members can ensure that their finances are in check by taking advantage of member perks like free financial health check-ups, identity theft protection services, unique credit card options with cashback rewards and discounts on tax preparation services. 

These offerings are beneficial because they help seniors address the financial security concerns many will face during that point in their lives. These services can, for example, help members manage their money more effectively and protect their assets, with identity theft protection being particularly valuable as seniors may be targeted by scammers.

Technology assistance

In an increasingly digital world, staying connected is vital — and that's equally true for seniors. AARP can help provide that with access to tech support for computers, smartphones and other devices, as well as online learning resources for improving digital skills. This support can be invaluable because it lets seniors navigate new technologies, enabling them to stay in touch with family, access online services and feel more confident in their tech abilities, all of which is crucial for maintaining independence and connectivity.

Entertainment, shopping and dining discounts

AARP members can take advantage of the discounts offered at restaurants and at movie theaters or other entertainment venues. These benefits encourage seniors to stay socially active and engaged, which is crucial for mental health and overall well-being. And, by making outings and cultural experiences more affordable, AARP helps seniors maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Another benefit that AARP offers is savings at various retailers, both in-store and online, including discounts on groceries and everyday items. These discounts help seniors stretch fixed incomes further, allowing them to maintain their quality of life and afford both necessities and small luxuries. This can make a significant difference in seniors' day-to-day lives and overall financial comfort.

Legal services

Members of AARP also have access to free or discounted legal advice and assistance with estate planning and will preparation. Legal services can be prohibitively expensive, so these benefits make it easier for seniors to handle important legal matters, ensuring their wishes are properly documented and their rights are protected.

Education and career resources

Many seniors choose to work part-time or start new careers in retirement to earn some extra money. AARP can also help in this area. For example, the organization provides access to job boards specializing in age-friendly employers, online courses and skills training and resume review services. Taking advantage of these resources can, in turn, help seniors stay competitive in the job market and find fulfilling work opportunities, which can be financially and personally rewarding.

Fitness and wellness resources

Staying active is crucial for maintaining health and independence as we age, and it can be easier for AARP members to do that, as membership offers them access to gym membership discounts and wellness programs and resources. These perks make it more affordable for seniors to prioritize their physical and mental well-being, encouraging a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Home and auto services

Seniors can also get discounts through AARP on home security systems, moving services and storage and even auto repair discounts. These services address some common needs of seniors, from ensuring home safety to managing moves and maintaining vehicles, often at reduced costs. These benefits can be particularly helpful for seniors who are looking to age in place or those transitioning to new living arrangements.

The bottom line

An AARP membership can offer big benefits to seniors — including, but not limited to, the ones outlined above. So, if you're a senior who's been on the fence about joining, it can be a smart move to make between the discounts, the resources and the other perks an AARP membership offers. 

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