A Victory For The Little Guy

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This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
If you are living in Medicare hell and still feel like you're paying too much for your prescription drugs, here's news that I think you will appreciate.

The government, namely the Customs and Border Protection Agency is going to stop seizing prescription drugs in the mail. The border cops have scooped up about 40,000 prescriptions over the last year in an effort to stop the flow of cheaper Canadian drugs into the United States.

The drugs aren't bad — they're just cheaper than they are in this country — and the government finally figured out it might have better things to do on the border than punishing cash-strapped seniors.

See in Canada, the government negotiates a cheaper price for drugs, and mail order pharmacies have been more than happy to pass on the savings to U.S. consumers. And soon they can again.

Call this a victory for the little guy. Amazing, isn't it, when it turns out this way?

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By Harry Smith