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A Record Snowstorm

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

There's something about snow that brings out the best in people. Well, OK, sometimes brings out the best in people.

We've had record snow here in New York, and Sunday was a marvel. With the snow still coming down yesterday morning, the streets were nearly vacant of vehicles. I saw a couple of cabs spinning their wheels — and because it was a snowstorm, we pedestrians naturally pitched in and pushed the poor guys out.

Yesterday afternoon was like a party in Central Park. People poured out of their apartments and into the snow. Dogs, kids, sleds — so much fun. Where we were sledding, kidless adults would stop and look longingly. We offered our sleds for a turn or two. I think it made their day.

A lot of kids got snow days today — but sadly, New York public schools are open. Can you imagine? A record snow in New York, only to find out there is no snow day. That's cold, man — really cold.

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