A Note to BNET Advertising Readers...

Last Updated May 31, 2010 11:00 AM EDT

Dear readers,

I'm taking some time off this week and won't resume posting here until Monday, June 7. There will be posts by guest bloggers, though, so please check back for those. If you have news for me -- or better yet, insider dirt -- send it to jim edwards 123 AT hot mail DOT com.

In the meantime, here are the top 10 most-read posts from BNET Advertising last month.*

  1. Is Toyota's Use of White Rappers in a Minivan Ad Racist?
  2. Strike Five: Why Mead Johnson Keeps Airing Misleading Baby-Formula Ads
  3. Liverpool F.C. to Replace Carlsberg as Lead Sponsor on Sept. 18
  4. American Apparel Hopes Porn Ads Will Save It From Financial Troubles
  5. Is Paris Hilton's Beer Ad Too Sexy? Brazil Demands Answers!
  6. Recession in Porn Business Has Lessons for Mainstream Advertisers: Faster, Smaller, More Expensive
  7. Thieves Steal LifeLock CEO's ID 13 Times -- and Show the Danger of Challenging Your Customers
  8. New Logo for Seattle's Best Coffee Meets With Hail of Jeers
  9. How BP's Oil Spill Will Create a Gusher of Money for P&G's Dishwashing Liquid
  10. Is MetroPCS's New Commercial Racist? Many Say "Ranjit and Chad" Are Indian Tech-Help Stereotypes
*Or, as I prefer to see it, a disturbing look at the wants and desires of you, the reader.