A new perspective for MLB's 80-year-old manager

Baseball is a game of numbers: the 300 hitter, the pitcher who can hurl in the high 90s, but did you hear about the manager, who's hit 80?

CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman caught up with Jack McKeon, the second-oldest manager in Major League Baseball history.

McKeon says he was in church when he got the call, a call from above asking him to lead a group of young men, if not to the promise land, at least out of the cellar of the National League East. At 80, the new Florida Marlins manager is ready to begin.

"Why should experience be penalized. I did think that no one would rehire me because of the age factor, but no, I'm not too old," McKeon says.

If you doubt that, just tease him about his age and you'll see how sharp he is. Clearly, Jack is still on his game.

He started managing in 1955 and over the years earned a reputation as a tough coach and fierce competitor. But it wasn't until 2003, at the age of 72, that it finally paid off, when his Marlins won the World Series.

Jack quit a couple years after this, ending a 50 year career - temporarily.

Now Jack is back. And once again the Marlin's Clubhouse is alive with his boundless energy and countless stories.

Listen to a few, and you can see how he got his reputation.

These days, he's a much softer touch, more guppy than marlin.

"I'm more patient. I don't let little things bother me anymore," McKeon says. "Losses don't bother me."

"I think everybody was like, 'We didn't win' - but he was like a grandpa being proud of all his guys for playing hard," says catcher John Buck.

He still takes the game seriously. It's just now he's more serious about not being too serious.

"Keep him smiling," McKeon says. "He'll be happy He'll play better."

Actually, they're all playing better. When McKean took over last month, he not only ended the Marlin's 11-game losing streak, he now has them on a winning one - 9 out of the last 11 games. And even for Jack, that's a feeling that never gets old.