A New Look For A New Life

On Monday morning, The Early Show granted a viewer a very special Monday Makeover.

David Evangelista and his team at the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman transformed viewer Cookie Berger of Naperville, Ill., a divorcee with two children, in less than two hours.

Cookie wrote to David, explaining that she'll soon be seeing a lot of people whom she has not seen in a long time, and wanted to look special for her daughter's bat mitzvah.

She sure came to the right place. Evangelista gave her a whole new hairstyle, and colorist Parvin Klein gave the new 'do a kick. Makeup guru Julie Clevering showed off the best of Cookie's face and, of course, Monday's Cinderella got a whole new outfit as well.

Berger also recently lost recently lost 17 pounds.

"I feel great," she says. "I was always a pretty good weight. Once I turned 50, I gained a lot of weight. I'm happy I'm back on the road and hopefully I'll lose some more."

For Berger's hair, Evangelista wanted to brighten it.

"Cookie had a mullet before," Evangelista says. "We cut the mullet before. Actually, her hair was very square before. I cut the square out and made it more round. It's much softer on her face. Brings out her great cheekbones."
The Monday Makeover crew gave Berger's hair a golden touch, and they warmed up her yellow-colored hair with a warm brown.

For Berger's clothes, Evangelista used a floral silk skirt and a tweed jacket – mixing her clothes' fabric for a lively spring look. The brighter colors was a huge change for Berger.

"I always wear black," she says. "I'm always ready for a funeral. Always. This is a big change for me."

For the makeup, Evangelista suggested Berger, who has heavy lid, not to lay down eyeshadow. Instead, he gave Berger a little eyeliner in the lash line to bring her eyes out. He says women with heavy lids should avoid eyeshadow.
Evangelista says Berger, who is a nurse, came to The Early

Show like a "flatliner," and now she has a heartbeat.