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A New Breed Of Investor

Computer savvy kids are beginning to influence many of the things we do.

CBS News Correspondent Russ Mitchell reports on This Morning how this generation's technological know-how is starting to change the world of finance.

Seventeen-year-old Jason Belinkie is a new breed of investor. He's a teen-ager, using the Internet - and a few clicks of the mouse - to surf the stock market.

"I wouldn't be as involved if I didn't have the computer," he says. "It just made it so easy to go on."

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Finance runs in the family. Jason's dad is an investment adviser, providing Jason with the perfect summer job.

As a high school junior, he's too young to trade stocks but not to give his dad advice.

"I think I would prefer to sell Disney and go into AOL," suggests Harris Belinkie.

"Unless you want it to split first before we buy it, because it could split soon," replies Jason.

And the Internet makes it possible for them to do the trade together.

"Kids today are very computer literate, and they go online every day," says the elder Belinkie.

"Probably in another five years everything will be electronic commerce, so I definitely think that the kids have tremendous advantages," he adds.

A computer game - SMG2000 - that's used in 25,000 classrooms around the country is what brought Jason's interest to the next level.

"Basically they build a portfolio and they make investing decisions on trading," explains Donna Perterman, who is on the board of the securities industry organization that created the game.

"Our belief is that the sooner you learn about it, the better prepared you are for the decisions you face as an adult, " she adds.

And Jason observes that the computer has definitely helped his generation learn more about the finance world.

"It lets anybody get access to stocks...Other generations didn't have that," he says.

Less than half of the parents CBS News spoke with in a recent poll go online or have access to the Internet. Most, however, think they should know how to access the Internet.

Experts say that knowledge of computers is an increasingly important part of being a parent in today's high tech world.

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