A List Of Goals Cut Short By 9/11

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Ann Nelson was one of the thousands of people killed in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Five years later, her mother, Jennette, is still coming to terms with the loss of her only daughter. Jennette recently found something that Ann left behind – a file on her laptop computer labeled "Top 100." It was a list of Ann's top life goals. Below are the 36 entries she made before dying.

1. be healthy/healthful
2. be a good friend
3. keep secrets
4. keep in touch with people I love and that love me
5. make a quilt
6. Nepal
7. buy a home in north Dakota
8. get a graduate degree
9. learn a foreign language
10. kilamajaroo
11. never be ashamed of who I am
12. be a person to be proud of
13. always keep improving
14. read every day
15. be informed
16. knit a sweater
17. scuba dive in the barrier reef
18. volunteer for a charity
19. learn to cook
20. learn about art
21. get my cfa
22. grand canyon
23. helicopter ski with my father
23. spend more time with my family
24. remember birthdays
25. appreciate money but don't worship it
26. learn how to use a computer !!
27. visit the new york public library
28. maine
29. learn to write
30. walk = exercise but also see the world first
31. learn about other cultures
32. be a good listener
33. take time for friends
34. kayak
35. drink water
36. learn about wine