A Laundromat Of Love

At Christine Bardakjy's laundromat in Miami, Florida, they sort and fold the clothes - as well as mix and match the customers, reports CBS News Correspondent Richard Schlesinger.

Says Bardakjy: "My hobby, which is not a business, there is no charge, is matching people up: love."

Christine offers her customers much more than clean clothes. "When you come in you must say hello," she says. "Then I look at your hand and ask if you are married, find out if you are interested in meeting someone."

She continues: "I wanna know if you've ever been married before. I wanna know how you feel about children. I wanna know how you feel about pets."

Christine keeps everything she learns about her customers in old paper files, which are top secret.

Christine goes for more than a match. She tries for marriage. She takes credit for 20 weddings so far. The first one began 35 years ago. That couple, Frank and Joyce Joubran of Sherman Oaks, California, are still happily married.

"When she was young, boy, she was a looker," says Frank Joubran, as his wife laughs. "She still looks pretty good."

For Christine, love is a risky business. Every time she makes a good match it's a gamble. A successful match often means two less customers. "I lose a washing customer," Christine says. "I lose a drycleaning customer. They buy a house, they take off, and they forget me. But it's okay."

But that's not all bad for Christine, because although laundry is her living, love is her life.

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