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A Handy Health Care Reform Primer for Gen Y

As group 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs pointed out in a Brazen Careerist blog post a few weeks ago, Gen Y has a strong incentive to take an interest in current legislative battles:
Youth are unemployed at a rate over 8 percent higher than the national rate, an average of $2000 in credit card debt, and $27,000 in student loan debt for recent graduates. In addition to these issues, young people are the most uninsured age group, with 30 percent not having any coverage due to high costs.
Many of us may lack insurance, but following the ups and downs of the health care debate can still seem like a mammoth task, especially when you see charts like this spelling out proposals. But, thankfully, good design and clear thinking can make nearly any subject relatively easy to understand. Dan Roam, author of well-received business book The Back of the Napkin, together with Tony Jones, MD, has applied both to the health care debate in the handy slides below, spelling out both how the current health care system works and the proposals for fixing it. Checking it out will make you sound smart and well-informed about current events and, as an added bonus, give you food for thought on the art of the excellent presentation.