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A fire extinguisher jet pack (sort of)

Okay, so we have all wanted to fly or own a jet pack at one point or another. And I am sure many of us (myself included) have at some moment in our lives looked curiously upon a fire extinguisher. Combine those two items and you get this insane video.

The star of the show somehow (the laws of physics are failing me here) finds a way to ride a fire extinguisher down the length of a subway car. I cannot explain how this is at all possible, and plan to attempt to recreate this very scene on the subway home from work (might want to stay away from the L-train if you're in NYC), which will probably result in more bad than good. But I am utterly astonished that this was doable.

I've watched this over and over again, trying to find a trick or something to it, because this shouldn't work.  But so far the pole in the subway is the only thing preventing this dude from actual take off. And everyone else, even after getting sprayed with all of those chemicals, seems fine with that fact for they know they just witnessed a miracle.

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