A City To Consider

Work brought me to Philadelphia for a day this week.

Say what, they say? Philadelphia? Why there? Well for one thing, it is a great American city with a rich history so intertwined with the history of the United States. And it has a bright future -- a future tied, surely, to the Internet and technology, but also to the schools of the future.

And somewhat like Chicago (only if anything, worse) Philadelphia tends to get overlooked and under-reported by people so fixed on New York and Los Angeles that they tend to think those are the only two real cities in the country.

How little they know. Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, Kansas City, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Boston -- the list of truly great American cities is so long that to be myopic about New York and Los Angeles is, well, let's go no further.

Anyway, it was off to Philadelphia to, among other things, look at what is happening at schools there. The local World Affairs Council has done an extraordinary good job of pump-priming student interest in international affairs. And, every city has difficulty with violence in schools, and they're doing something about it in Philly. The problem hasn't been solved, but the city is taking positive, effective steps to do something about it.

We'll take a look around, do some reporting for radio and television, and try to remind folks that old, storied cities such as Philadelphia are up-to-date and moving forward.