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7 Magic Words to Up Your Persuasive Power

We all know the old saw that everyone in business is in sales, but it won't take an office newbie long to realize that there's a great deal of truth to the saying, no matter how clichéd. Whether your a software engineer or a barista at a coffee shop, you need to be able to persuade others of the value of your ideas and your products without coming across as pushy, sleazy or manipulative. People who excel at this can seem to have some mystical ability that is innate and can't be taught, but as this ten minute video from psychologist, author and body language Kevin Hogan points out there are some very simple, specific techniques to being your most persuasive self.

His contention: learning to use seven simple words can make the difference between changing someone's mind and being ignored. What are they? Watch the engaging video to find out.

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