50 web sites most worth your while

How do you know which of the plethora of websites you can reach with he click of a mouse are worth your time?

Time.com has compiled a list of what it dubs the 50 best websites of 2011 to help you weed through all the information that's available at your fingertips.

Which ones made the cut? "Early Show" Technology Expert Katie Linendoll spotlighted three, including Dear Photograph, where you can merge an old snapshot with a new one and create a new kind of art.

Another favorite of Linedoll's is Airbnb, which connects people looking for places to stay, but don't want to pay for an expensive hotel. It's a marketplace for spare bedrooms and unused vacation homes in 190 countries that matches travelers with hosts and handles the financial transaction in return for a three percent cut.

And her third pick is for those of us who dream big, but don't necessarily have the funds to back it up -- Kickstarter,an outlet for creative types to raise money with micro-financing from others. Average people can donate $1 to hundreds of dollars to fund a project in the worlds of art, music, photographer food, and beyond. The artist maintains 100 percent control over their work and donators get a "thank you" decided by the artist.

Linedoll also suggests Turntable.fm and MapMyRun.

Why should you check these out? Lindedoll explains why her picks are worth a click in the video above.