5 Podcasts to Feed Your Mind This Thanksgiving


When you finally awaken from your tryptophan coma this Thanksgiving weekend and have a hankering for some food for thought, check out these illuminating B-school podcasts.
  • New research shows that entrepreneurs are highly-adapted risk-takers, and that this functional impulsivity is key to their success. It can also be taught; Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of Judge Business School's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, explains how.
  • In an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, Kenneth D. Moelis, founder of the Los Angeles-based investment bank Moelis & Co., discusses how the continuing financial turmoil will affect the fledgling investment bank's business, what opportunities investors can find amid the wreckage, and more.
  • The Darden Leadership Speaker Series spends some time with Chic Thompson, founding partner of Creative Management Group, Batten Fellow, and author of the books "What a Great Idea!" and "Yes, But...", a guide to overcoming the bureaucratic language that stifles continuous innovation.
  • The victory of Barack Obama, the first African-American to become president of the United States, could help the troubled US economy recover by the middle of next year, says Ilian Mihov, professor of economics at INSEAD.