48 Hours Mystery: Love Lost

What Happened To Missing Honeymooner George Smith?

This thud, believed to be the sound of George Smith hitting the canopy, occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m., according to Hyman.

Albert Dayan says that by that time, the boys were "definitely" in their own cabin.

If this is true, did someone else somehow slip into the cabin? Did George let someone in? And where was Jennifer during all this?

"Who is the only person who cannot account for her whereabouts during his disappearance?" asks Dayan. "I'm not suggesting any foul play. What I'm suggesting is that she's not as candid as she should be."

After spending almost an hour at the Turkish police station, Dr. Askin and his family thought their frightening ordeal was just about over, as Josh was handed a copy of his statement.

Dr. Askin says he turned off the camera and matter-of-factly asked the translator what would happen next, as they were preparing to leave.

"And she says 'We're gonna arrest the wife for murder. There was blood in the cabin.' And we were like 'Oh my God,' " recalls Dr. Askin.

At this point, Askin turned his camera back on and Josh appeared to be visibly upset.

"She has no idea what happened. She was with another man. The casino manager Lloyd," Josh told authorities. "You need to get him in here. I'm not letting her go to jail. I'm not letting her go to jail."

"You could see my son's reaction. We had not heard about the blood in the cabin until right then and there," says Askin.

Dr. Askin says the news stunned them. "And you can probably hear me say, 'She's a little girl. She's not very big.' And he was very big. How could she do anything like that to him, even if she wanted to? And it, just, it was just impossible."

George Smith is presumed to have gone overboard at approximately 4:30 a.m., when neighbors heard that terrible thud. So where was Jennifer when her husband lost his life?

At almost that exact moment, a crew member found her on the other side of the ship, slumped over, on the floor against a door marked "Crew Only."

Gregg McCrary, a former FBI profiler who is overseeing Royal Caribbean's internal investigation, says Jennifer had never returned to the cabin. "Really sort of MIA until she was found at 4:30 that morning," he says.

McCrary says Jennifer appeared to be inebriated and smelled of alcohol

The cruise line says that after Jennifer left the disco, following that angry exchange with George at the bar, she took the elevator to the ninth deck. However, instead of going to the left towards her cabin, she went the opposite way.

McCrary acknowledges it would be easy to get confused if one was inebriated or disoriented, because the hallways look exactly alike.

"She got off the elevator, we know where she was subsequently found. In between that it's not clear where she was," says McCrary.

And Jennifer says she remembers nothing.